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ოჯახის – a family portrait
Georgia, July 2015

Eka lives since more than 10 years in Dresden (Germany). 2015 she visits her family back in a little village near Martvili in Georgia. She haven’t seen her parents and family since five years. ON Eka side are her daughters Lorena (6 years) and Lela (3 years). Lela sees her grandpa and grandma for the first time. Lorena nearly can’t remember the little farm down to the Caucasus, but she remembers well her two older cousins. Pretty excited about the visit of their German family, Luca and Meco invite the two girls in their world. Language doesn’t matter, because communication between them is much more than speaking German or Georgian. For Lorena and Lela it is not only a journey back to the roots of their mother, but it is an exploration of a culture and life in consistent with nature that inspires them to see world with different eyes.